My top 5 anime of 2011

1. Steins Gate

Steins gate is a SF anime combining time travel with modern otaku culture and comedy. As the series proceed it will get darker and the story will start to  make sense.After it ended i felt sad, like something inside me was missing, there was no more steins gate to look forward to every week. The one thing that dissapointed me was the huge plot hole in the end but that wont stop it to get number 1 in my list.

2. Mawaru Penguindrum

One of the most abstract anime this year but at the same time one of the most entertaining with a interesting story.The artwork might feel a bit weird at first, but i must say that it is one of the best this year and the OP and ending are epic. I could not decide who will take place 1 between Steins Gate and Mawaru Penguindrum but the ending was not as epic as i expected and its really hard to understand the story, therefore it got place 2.


Comes out April 2012.

Comes out April 2012.

Having seen Fate/stay night and liked it I natuarlly saw Fate/Zero and liked it even more! What I like this much about fate/zero are the characters. To be able to see Rin as a little kid and Shirou’s father being Saber’s master is just great. Also the introduction of new characters such as Rider, Iskandar the king of conquerors is awesome also the evil Caster who enjoys killing is just funny.Seeing the prequel just makes you raise even more questions, which will be answeared on Fate/Zero 2. We will have to wait 4 months, but im sure it will be worth it.

4.  Gosick

The loli detective and her adventures!

Despite  all the bad feedback I got from several friends I still wanted to include this into my list.I dont really watch detective anime that much but this one caugh my attention.How?

Because Victorique is too damn cute >.<

Because Victorique is too damn cute >.<

  1. Because of the main character, Victorique which is the cutest and most intelligent loli out there.
  2. Because of the retro atmosphere it gave since it was heappeing around the year 1924.
  3. Because of the amazing high quality.
  4. The awesome OP and ED!

Putting that aside we can say that Gosick has a pretty decent plot. The cases she and Kujo encounters are very interesting having several twists.As the series continue Victorique will start to like Kujo therefore this anime will get some romance (YES!).

The one thing that was so awesome was the ending. The reunion of Victorique and Kujo was just so dramatic I shed a few tears 😦

5.  Persona  4

Despite being a shounen I find Persona 4 quite enjoyable.Persona 4 is an game adaptation, but that wont make it any bad. I’ve played p4 once and i really liked it, im glad it got an anime series.The sound in p4 is just unique, both the OP and the ED are great.Combining action and comedy persona 4 is one of those anime that makes you feel forward for the next episode.


PS:Those rankings are my opinion, please dont comment saying that blah blah blah is better than blah blah blah. But please do comment telling me your top 5 anime of 2011, i look forward to your comments guys!

Woah, 2011 is almost over.It was an year of great significance to me, it was the year when i started watching more anime.That eventually led me to where i am now. Someone spending 10 hours a day in front of my computer, I became an otaku. I am neighter ashamed nor proud of myself but I can tell that I will keep things going like this for a while. -Robert Tene


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    • Thanks minoru! I appreciate your feedback! I will update it as much as i can, right now its winter break and i have all the time in the world. Im worried about what I will do when school starts 😦

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