5 Anime themes of 2011 I love.

1) The ED of UN-GO1

My personal favourite, LAMA’s Fantasy. The animationgoes very well with the song. This song really suits the anime,its simply amazing.

2)The OP and theme song of Guilty Crown!

Oh, Guilty Crown. The anime with the best sound in 2011. The singer is just too talented, she is one of the best singers i’ve ever heard. That voice just makes me calm.Because of how cool her songs are I will share another one with you. This one is called Euterpe which was also featured in Guilty Crown.

The lyrics of this song have a strong meaning, unfortunately i could not find an video with the english lyrics 😦

3)The 2nd OP of Mawaru Penguindrum!

Everytime I isten to this I cant help but sing along.I really love this song, the animation fits the song really well.

4)The OP of Gosick!

The animation is in a completly perfect combo with the song, Its like you cant hear the song completly if you dont watch the video. It’s really that great!

5)The OP of Ben-to!

Did i ever mention how hard it is to describe the feeling you get when you listen to a song you love?I can barely express it into words.But you get the idea 😉


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