First impressions : Kill me baby and Amagami SS+

My first opinion on: Kill me baby

Poor Sonya is tortured by this hyper active dumb girl!

Poor Sonya is tortured by this hyper active dumb girl

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Kill me baby…. My expectations for this anime were not too high and I managed to predict it. The story is there just so that they can add comedy to it, and they failed with that too. The jokes don’t make any sense(well most of them). Also, Oribe the hyper active girl pisses me off. I mean look at her, that face should be my punching bag! She is the most annoying character I have ever seen. This anime has no future and whoever watches this does so because he is bored. Also the OP basically describes how retarded this anime is.

Dammit, I wanted to see the panty shot!

Dammit, I wanted to see the panty shot!

The level of randomness and retardness in this anime is high, and if I did laugh at this it was because it is SO STUPID. Dear readers, please don’t watch this. I am saying this for your own good!

First impression on Amagami SS+

Kono hentai!

Kono hentai!

Judging by this episode I will most probably love Amagami SS. Yeah, yeah I did not see it eighter! Therefore I will put it as a top priority! This seems to be a good romance anime and I will definetly love it. First of all lets start describing the protagonist, Tachibana. He is an typical protagonist: pervert and shy. Acording to the previous season he is dating with Ayatsuji. She is one of those ideal tsunderes (In my opinion)

Oh, that evil grin! :)

Oh, that evil grin! 🙂

Now about the story of this episode, it appears the ellections for the student council has began and  Ayatsuji  seems to be having trouble winning.Dammit, why are you trying to get the slave away from his master, Nanasaki!!!~~~Breaking the passion between two lovers for your own interest is just evil. Yurusanai!But in the end, love will prevail! Mwahaha~ …….


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