First impressions : Highschool DxD and Senhime Zessho Symphogear

 First impression : Highschool DxD



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My initial thoughts on this was correct. The amount of fanservice it has is astonishing, but despite that I still loved it. I am not a that big fan of ecchi but this one seems interesting enough. The reason I don’t like ecchi that much is because it lacks a good story. This one on the other hand seems to have a good one. Its the sort of S&M relationship and I sort of enjoy those if they are done correctly.

The first date he ever had and he is staring at her boobs 0.0

The first date he ever had and he is staring at her boobs 0.0

The protagonist is one of the most perverted characters I’ve ever seen, bringing comedy to the show and making it more enjoyable. So he gets the “incredible luck” to be asked out on a date by a cute girl with big OPPAI.  After the date he ends up getting killed by the girl, getting angry because he didn’t manage to touch any boobs before he died. I mean seriously who would think about that when they are nearly dead!? But then, the red haired goddes appears and commands him: Live for my sake! He then wakes up and finds it all just a dream. Seems like he will be the slave and she will be the master, but as long as he can touch boobs he will stay by her side!  This anime is one of the most perverted and funny in the winter season,I am definetly going to enjoy this!

 First impression : Senhime Zessho Symphogea

This one is definetly one of those I was looking forward to, but I got really dissapointed when I saw the first episode. Its about girls fighting “The noise” with their voice. The noise are basically just like some aliens. When I finished the episode I couldn’t help but find it just like Evangelion, its copying everything about it. “The noise” being the aliens and the “chosen ones” being the girls that sing. I thought that they would’ve fight using their voice but they only use their voice to create weapons, therefore fighting the monsters just like in any other action anime. I don’t hate it but I don’t like it eighter. There is nothing special or unique about this, it’s not worth it.


8 thoughts on “First impressions : Highschool DxD and Senhime Zessho Symphogear

  1. The fact they didn’t censor their breasts in Highschool DxD caught me off guard, but then I recovered quickly and made sure none of my family members are around.. It has a nice story background to be a good action anime, except ecchi was thrown in. Devils and fallen angels, hmm..
    Senhime was surprising good, my impression is that of mahou shoujo kind of anime.. >.<

    • It does resemble mahou shoujo. But its basically copying alot of anime and its not even original. Its decent I guess. Also, Highschool DxD is really nice, im going to like it more than Senhime that’s for sure

  2. Senhime might not be worth to watch, but Highschool DxD, well,well, this is an interesting one.
    Something is bugging me tough, Robert-kun said: “I am not a that big fan of ecchi” ,am I the only one that finds this a little weird…?

  3. If you liked DxD I think Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka might be a good alternative. Only that Zombie has a little more loli’s than DxD and we don’t have a caring character like Rias

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