First impression: Brave 10 and Nisemonogatari

First impression :Brave 10

Who would've thought there was fanservice in Brave 10? :D

Who would've thought there was fanservice in Brave 10? 😀

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Brave 10. At first I thought Brave 10 will be one of those really childish anime involving ninjas brainlessly fighting but after seeing the first episode I can confirm that I was terribly mistaken. This anime definetly has an mind fuck into it, I can’t help but ask myself questions after the end of the epsiode. What special power Miko has hidden inside of her?Also, after seeing the first 2 minutes of the episodes I can’t help but say that the protagonist is a douchebag! He refueses to help Miko which is apparently endangered because he doesn’t want to get into trouble.

Protagonist, Y U NO GO WITH CUTE GIRL?

Protagonist, Y U NO GO WITH CUTE GIRL?

Even more, they added fanservice to it so they can have even more viewers. But it did not work against me! (*ironic* Yeah right…. ) Putting that apart I think this anime has  potential of becoming really good!

First impression :  Nisemonogatari

Nope, I still can't see them. :(

Nope, I still can't see them. 😦

I didn’t like Bakemonogatari for two reasons.

  1. It had real life elements in it. That’s something that shouldn’t be done in anime
  2. There was sudden text popping out of nowhere saying random stuff. They were so fast you couldn’t even read the subtitles! What the…. ?

Nisemonogatari didn’t show any real life elements and there were not as many texts popping out as there were on Bakemonogatari. Despite this improvement I still cant bring myself to enjoy it. The first episode was basically only talk, the only action was Senjoughara kidnapping Araragi which wasn’t really that much action. It was just her being an yandere.

You crazy yandere.... Senjougahara!

You crazy yandere.... Senjougahara!

But then as the episode when further he suddenly escaped and went back home! What the?!! Then he started having random conversation with everyone he met. He even went into the lolicon mode and made a poor lost spirit lift her skirt so he can see her panties!!But putting that aside, Nisemonogatari is pretty decent I guess. It has its flaws and it tends to get off subject really often. Its not something im really into.


2 thoughts on “First impression: Brave 10 and Nisemonogatari

  1. Nice First impression. I can’t voice an opinion on either show because I didn’t saw any of them yet but I’m definitely going to check them out. Bakemonogatari was indeed kind of chaotic at points, sometimes coming of as trying to hard to be original and stooping to make sense in the process, but i guess you cant make something really original without appearing weird at point. In the case of Bakemonogatari the weirdness became the main selling point… However despite any failings of the original I’m relived that the second season stayed true to the unique stile of this anime.

  2. I second that RandomDude!
    I don’t know why but Brave 10 reminds me of Naruto( because of the kunai maybe). Anyway I might watch it just because of the Yukimura Sanada reference.

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