First impression on Another

First impression: Another

Right behind you

Right behind you

This anime didn’t let me down, atleast the first two episodes. I had high expectations for this and I was not wrong. Let me start with saying that horror anime are not coming out that often theese days and when they do come out they tend to be really nice. This one is a little special, the atmosphere is completly serious. The reason for that are the lighting effects and the serious looking (almost deppresed) fellow students at the high school our protagonist will be attending. The protagonist himself is serious enough, but you could say he is not that sad and deppresed as the other characters are.

Why so serious?

Why so serious?

As for the story, I can only say that it gets more intruiging and interesting each episode. The story is focused around that girls ghost (maybe). I still can’t see where this is headed though.

Is he the only one that can see her? Why are all his classmates so weird and deppresed? I guess we have to wait for more episodes to come out to be able to tell that.

Unfortunately I do not have that much free time now that the winter break is over, so I will not be able to make a first impression on the remaining ones. I was sure to cover the ones that were worth writing about.For nowI will continue writing about Highschool DxD,Another and Brave 10(short episode summary). Those are the ones I have high expecatations.


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