High School DxD: Episode 2

I really liked the first episode and just as I expected it gets even more interesting. The begining of the episode has some nice ecchi scenes with uncensored OPPAI! I laughed my ass off at the begining.

Oh, good morning Madam!

Oh, good morning Madam!


-What heappend dear?Is he masturbating to porn mags again?

-No! There’s a naked girl in bed with our son!!

*Moments later*

-Um, Rias-sempai I can see your boobs.

-So? You can look at them!

What the? This girl has no shame, this is why I love her! She is so cute and fluffly, and who doesn’t love her big Oppai?! Surprisignly the boobs are not censored. This sort of S&M play is just awesome!

Welcome to the ocult club!

Welcome to the ocult club!

So as the episode goes on we learn that there are 4 groups: The Demons,The Angels,The fallen angels and the exorcist. The girl Issei dated and got killed by was an fallen angel.Also, a demon can have serveants, just like Issei is currently Rias’s searveant :). Our protagonist gets so excited with this idea that he is willing to do everything in order to become the harem king. At the end of the episodes we can see a cute girl which is apparently a priestess. Im pretty sure she will become his first searvant, since she also has an sacred gear (I read the manga). Everything is looking good up to now. The story is advancing pretty well and the fanservice is really nice. Im not into ecchi but I honestly really love this one!


2 thoughts on “High School DxD: Episode 2

  1. Rias is such an unexpected character. Which is the best thing about her, I would normally think she would hit anyone who got a look at her like that. A rare ocurrence for me to like the main girl

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