Brave 10 : episode 2

To be honest I didn’t expect it to focus this much on the love between Isanami and Saizo. But this is neccesary to attract more viewers, such as myself and you! Afterall, if it would’ve only been about some ninjas fighting I could’ve just watch Naruto.Heck, even if Brave 10 had no romance in it I would still love it!

As I thought, Isanami is in love with Saizo, telling him that he is her light. Kawaii >.< That’s basically just like a confession. Putting the love part aside, I am eager to find out what Isanami’s power is. It should be really important since she is being hunted down by those ninjas.

For some reason Saizou is indiffrent towards everything, but when it comes to serious situations you can count on him! He’s just so cool when it comes to fighting!


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