Music of the week: 2

 Its Monday, which means its time for some more music~

This week I have been listening to alot of DECO 27 music. I like this two the most.

Deco 27 ft. Kou Shibasaki – Physical Remix 

Electronic music with a bit of dubstep. Simply amazing. Also, the video is fitting the song really well!

Deco 26 ft. Marina – 愛迷エレジー

Listening to this song makes me relax. This is one of my favourite J Rock songs.

Ao no exorcist OP1 – Core Pride

You might need to make sure you’re volume is up on this one.


2 thoughts on “Music of the week: 2

  1. First one…well not bad for electronic/dubstep.
    The second one is a really nice song.
    And for Ao no Exorcist OP- awesome. XD

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