Another : episode 4

Hmm ,I wonder why he is staring at the umbrella like that. Does it possibly remind you of something, Rei-kun?

Hmm, I wonder why he is staring at the umbrella like that. Does it possibly remind you of something, Rei-kun?

This post contains spoilers. If you have not seen the episode then it will probably ruin the fun. You have been warned!

Dammit! I knew it, I predicted it! This is all Mei’s fault. Apparently the curse “has started”. Diffrent people from class 3 will start dying, as well as their relatives! The dots are all connecting, its all starting to make sense! It seems like the one who caused it was Rei himself. Probably because he interacted with something that “doesn’t exist”.

Oops, it was just the wind.

Oops, it was just the wind.

It seems the 2nd incident has heappend. Just like the other one, Rei was indirectly involved in this one. Just that, this time he manages to save his classmate. Now Rei knows for sure that this is all real. This is more than just an myth. Seeking more answears, our curious protagonist seeks Mei in the dools shop. Once again, she appears next to the doll that looks just like her. She will apparently not come to school because she doesn’t feel like it. Again, he has been warned about this by Mei herself!

Despite her serious looks, Akazawa is quite cute~

Despite her serious looks, Akazawa is quite cute~

Rei finding out about all theese things is not good at all. In fact, he probably is the one who caused it. This was probably caused because he has been talking and hanging out with
“someone that doesn’t exist” therefore causing all theese deaths. Also, he is a witness in all theese “accidents”. Coincidence? I think not.


6 thoughts on “Another : episode 4

  1. Hold on. I don’t really thing that is the real problem here. He interacted with the girl yes, but don’t blame her because it’s not her fault. What I can say is that the mystery is just about to start. We don’t really know for certain that Mei or Kouichi is the cause of this problem. We will know for sure soon enough. Just don’t jump to any conclusions just yet. If you see how Akazawa reacted it seems that this case happens quite often, every year. You can really blame Kouichi as well because no one is telling him anything that they are suppose to tell. He is just curious to find out. Well the fun has just started, we are really into the Final Destination path.

    • Well, I suppose you’re right on that. But still the incidents are caused indirectly by her. There is one thing that is bothering me though. Even though her name is Misaki, she claims that the Misaki that died is her cousin. Because she pretty seems like Misaki’s ghost if you ask me. Also, I have seen all the final destination movies but I don’t understand how people think its similar to it. In my opinion, Another is more of a horror than Final Fantasy is. Also, in Another we do not have predictions of the future. All that we have and is similar is that the people realated to class 3 will die.

      • Well that is also the reason why I say it might not be her. Lets see what the next few episodes will tell us. It might turn out that there is two Misaki. One with the right eye and one with the left eye. 😛 Just a stupid prediction. Well we say it is like Final Destination because there will be death in almost all the episodes. So yeah. Not really something similar but yeah somewhat similar

  2. Actually your theory makes sense, Rei. In the first episode Misaki was going to the morgue to see “her other half”. Most likely it was the one that died in the day Rei-kun was hospitalized.

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