Another episode 5

So Mei is human? It all makes sense now. Mei is just a victim of the curse. In order for the class not to die they all had to ignore a student, and now that Rei-kun has made contact with the classmate that “didn’t exist” he will as well be ignored so that the curse will stop. But still, Mei-chan would be easily mistaken for a ghost because of her weird looks and behaivour. I must admit, I too thinked she was a ghost up until now. I suppose Rei and Mei both don’t exist now hehe. I am a bad person for making this joke but Now that Rei is being ignored like he wasn’t there he can pretty much do whatever he likes during schooltime (like peek under girl’s skirts? 😛 ).I wonder what Rei will do next. As the protagonist he will probably go against all this and try and stop this curse once and forall. I feel kind of bad for him. He wasn’t informed about this whole story and his curiosity just drove him to do all theese investigations. His classmates are to blame for all of this!


3 thoughts on “Another episode 5

  1. Haha. I guess only a guy would think of looking up girl’s skirts now that he is considered “invisible”. It kind of sucked that the kid died from a heart attack. Koichi needs to stop asking people about Mei and breaking the class rules.

    • Haha yeah. looking up on girls skirts would’ve been the first thing he had done if this was an ecchi anime. lol.

      Also, he will stop now that he knows everything. Unfortunately he got to know the whole story just now, when he is also invisible. I wonder what he will do next.

  2. I wonder myself what I will do next o_O
    It’s really awkward reading this article since you use the name Rei. lol!
    I’m really looking forward for the next episode. I wonder what will happen. Romance scene is a good guess I guess. I really like Mei. Still wondering i’ve i’m the Rei you are mentioning right now lol!

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