Another episode 6

Is it me or did Mei started being moe?

Is it me or did Mei started being moe?

Now that Kouichi “doesn’t exist” he starts spending more time together with Mei,learning about the rest of the story and how it all ended like this.The episode starts with Kouichi paying Mei a visit, he now knows pretty much everything about the curse of class 3. Now all that is left to ask is: “Who is dead?”, Who is the one that is a “ghost”? I remember Mei saying something about her doll eye being able to see what others can’t, but if she could see who is the one that truly is dead then she would’ve told Kouichi. After a long discussion about the curse and other stuff they said farewell.

Having arrived home, Kouichi got a call from his dad. He wanted to know if his mother’s death was realeted to the curse so he asked him if she ever mentioned anything about her highschool years. Unfortunately she didn’t :(. His father then changed the subject asking him: “How does it feel to be back after a year and a half away from Yomiyama?”. Kouichi was confused since he only came here when he was a child, he wasn’t away for a year and a half. But how could HIS FATHER not know that? After he told him that he wasn’t here a year and a half ago the call started having problems and it eventually ended. The next day at school Kouichi had some weird ideas. He was thinking about how he and Mei could dance in class which just makes me laugh. I was sure he would start having those ideas but if I were him I would peek up to the skirts of the girls! Haha that would be so perverted and stupid right? It would also be funny since they would just ignore me 🙂 

Now then all jokes aside, could it be that he is begining to like Mei in a diffrent way? The current situation the two of them are in seems good enough for romance. And now that I think about it, (almost) every anime has romance in it so why wouldn’t Another have some as well? At lunch break they both go on the rooftop to eat, talking about their food. Apparently Mei doesn’t take lunch boxes with her because she doesn’t cook and her mother’s are not tasty (Kouichi! Next time you bring her a lunchbox!) then they go to the art club where they are greeted by their schoolmates. They obviously don’t know anything about the curse in class 3 and they were happy that Mei showed up. But then Mochizuki showed up and told them “there is something they need to do immedietly” while looking scared at Mei. I wonder why he made them get away from Mei and Kouichi since only class.

Afterwards they went to the library where they met with the librarian which used to be the teacher in class 3, 26 years ago. He has been observing those accidents ever since. He told them that if someone leaves the town he/she will avoid the death and now that I think about it, Kouichi’s mother died at birth IN THIS TOWN. She was also from class 3.She most likely died because of the phenomenon of class 3. Later that day Kouichi asked his family if his mother’s death had something to do with the curse, unfortunately they can’t remember.But Reiko remembered that it was stopped midyear, too bad she couldn’t remember, if she could then Kouichi could stop all theese deaths. Darn it! Up until now nothing serious heappend, no deaths or accidents. But it couldn’t be this peacefull so something bad must heappen, so at the end of the episode the homeroom teacher suddenly pulled out a knife in front of the classroom! He went crazy… Will he kill the students? What will heappen?!


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