Music of the week : 3

Due to problems with my internet I was not able to post the last week’s music so this post will feature the songs for both weeks! Also, I decided I will stop posting music of the week to avoid spamming. From now on it will simply update on the sidebar on your right! And, if I do find some interesting artist I will make a spotlight.

Owl city’s Kamikaze

Owl city is, in my opinion the best electronic music out there. Listening to Adam’s songs just makes me relax. His songs are ideal after a tough day at school or work. I really wanted to feature one of his songs but choosing one was really hard, they’re all really good.

Adam Lamber’s Better than I know myself

I wasn’t sure about posting this on my blog because I tend to post on J music. However I can make an exception with this song. The lyrics tend to get a litttle philosophical and the video is basically made out of two sides. The dark side of Adam and the good one. To be honest, I never listened to Adam Lambert before. I tryed listening to his other songs but I didn’t like them as much as this one.

Deco 27”s and Kou Shibasaki’s Genomikuronikuru

Yes, another Deco 27 song. I just can’t get enough of theese.Even though I can’t fully understand the lyrics (damn, I need to learn japaneese) I find myself singing this without being aware of it.




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