Brave 10 episode 4

Show me! Show me!

Show me! Show me!

So in this episode they finally arrive at the shrine. As Isanami was walking past the ruins of what used to be the shrine she remembers how it used to be a few years ago. It wasn’t long until Saizo cheered her up. After a few minutes they find a secret passage but short after they have been sorrounded by the enemy and have no choice but to fight. They wouldn’t have made it out if it weren’t for Kamanosuke wouldn’t have helped them. To be honest I am really glad Kamanosuke is now on Saizou’s side. Also, he sounds like he is into S&M yaoi. I wouldn’t have expected that they would add yaoi in Brave 10.

After the fight Isanami still got kidnapped. And it was revelead that the kushimitama is actually her hairpin. The monk that gave it to her told her to not take it off no matter what. Does that mean that if she takes it off she will die? This is getting interesting. I sure hope she gets rescued.



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