Steins Gate : episode 25 (OVA)

In this OVA, Okarin and eveyone go to America!

We have another chance to see Okarin using his mad scientisc engrish. This time he gets arrested! 🙂 I was laughing my ass off at this OVA. Okarin and Daru were really funny!


And just when I though I would never hear it again I did. Okarin used the “But he’s a guy” phrase again! He is far too scared to spend the night in the same room as Rukaku.

This episode can be counted as the continuation of what heappend when Steins;Gate ended. Kuristina remembered what she did with Okarin in another world line. She was so cute when she was trying to tell Okarin about a certain strange dream that she had, and that is when she kissed him in the other world line. The episode ended with an supposed kiss. However they are still lost in the desert with no battery on their phones and with no gas. Can’t wait for the next OVA. This one was really worth it.


5 thoughts on “Steins Gate : episode 25 (OVA)

  1. I’m quite curious about the woman who thought by Okarin similar to Suzuha and said she would marry and have children in seven years.

    And elsewhere Daru suddenly sneeze, could it be she is will be Daru’s wife. Just curious ^^V

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