Brave 10 episode 5


Im glad Isanami got rescued from the douchebag and im glad Yuri joined forces with Saizou and the other braves. He’s just awesome. Sometimes he gets to be annoying though. From how I see it he has a crush on Saizou. And yes, he is a boy!

Also, we finally found out something about Saizou’s past. He is doing all this to avenge his friend. Anyway, when Isanami comes back they get to tell the old man about what they found at the temple. The writing they found was unknown to them so unfortunately there were no hints, BUT Rokuro comes up with a solution. He uses his eye’s power on Saizou and gain some of his memories. That power of his is pretty weird, just like his personality of course.

Overall this episode didn’t fail to satisfy me. Revealing more about the characters and of course, the amazing fanservice. I find it kind of strange adding a sort of yaoi influence to this as well but I won’t mind as long as it won’t screw up the story.



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