Another episode 8

The long-awaited beach episode is finally here! Many of you guys were surprised that they would be doing a beach episode on a horror anime, and I too thought the same. However this episode turned out to be rather nice. What I find interesting in this episode was Akazawa. She seems to have an interest for Kouichi. The fact that she didn’t go inside her own, car proves it. Unfortunately for her it seems Kouichi already has someone he likes, and that is Mei(maybe). I was a bit scared when the lorry came and Reiko is driving the car. My guess something bad will happen next but luckily they cross the border safely and the curse have been lifted. Finally they can enjoy their summer vacation.

When they got to the beach, they went swimming, playing some beach ball and of course making sand castles! The usual. After a while, Teshigawara came up with the idea of cooking their own dinner at the beach. And that’s how they came up with the idea to have a competition: The team that brings the most ingredients gets to eat while the one that lose won’t eat anything and they have to cook for them. Some of them go fishing while others try to find the ingredient to cook at a nearby area of the beach. We even get to see little fanservice in this episode between Mei and the octopus. The competition didn’t go very well and it ends in a draw. In the end Reiko has to go and buy some ingredient for them to eat

Mr.Matsumaga, the one that stopped the calamity 15 years ago suddenly showed up. Kouichi asked him how he stopped the calamity but he couldn’t really recall what he did years ago. He does remember leaving an item for someone at the school and that is just probably the only thing he remembered. I think they couldn’t remember anything because of the curse effect. It’s the same thing with Reiko. And just after Kouichi and the others were done questioning him, a sudden blow of wind pushed the beach ball far into the sea. One of them went to get it back. As he was going further and further from the shore he couldn’t be seen anymore, at first they got scared but he was just pretending so that he can scare the others. As he continue to get the ball in the end the joke he tried to pulled off happened. Just when we thought the situation couldn’t get any worse, a boat appeared and it is heading towards him. The boat’s propeller went right through him! One more down.. I wonder why the curse is still active when they are out-of-town?

Regarding this episode, I think it was pretty good. We managed to see Mei’s cute side and Akazawa’s interest towards Kouichi. They didn’t really focused on the story except for the last few minutes. Most beach episodes have a lot  fanservice in them but I’m glad Another didn’t actually take the same route. It would have completely ruin the concept of the story. Taking a look at the next episode’s preview there was something that caught my eye, and that is Sakuragi. She is being shown holding an umbrella..Scary. Could it be that she came back from the dead? Obviously not! It’s probably just another one of Kouichi’s dreams again. I can’t wait for the next episode. It’s gonna be interesting!


4 thoughts on “Another episode 8

  1. I was also glad they didn’t take the route of excessive fanservice with this episode. Of course, someone had to go but what a way to go. The deaths in this show are pretty gruesome and hardcore. Yeah, looks like a bit of a love triangle going on here; and Mei is definitely full on moe.

    • Mei is really moe and that’s not a bad thing at all even if its an horror anime. Akazawa is also moe.

      I’m curious how they will end the anime in just 4 more episodes. If they rush it it’s going to suck.

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