Brave 10 episode 7

This episode the crew go to a meeting of the lords, however the old man only chooses Isanami,Saizou and Rokuro to accompany him, but as expected , the other braves came as well even though they were told not to.

On their way there they meet a kid which gave them directions. Turns out that the kid tricked them to fall into his traps. They escaped and the kid became the 9th brave!This kid is the 9th brave?! Seems like it. I knew it right away after Saizou said that he smelled gun powder from this kid. His way of fighting is pretty interesting. He uses traps and bombs, that’s kind of typical for a shota like him. Good thing Isanami was kind enough to let him stay.

At the meeting, Date Masamune breaks the rules and challanges the Yukimura to a duel! Yukimura then gets in trouble and needs to report to the castle. However he ran away with along with his braves. They were followed by soldiers but they couldn’t do anything against them.

Judging by the preview, it that by the next episode they will get the last brave!


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