Brave 10 episode 8

As they were running away they were caught at a dead end. Fortunately for them they were saved, by some pirates. Apparently Kakei was helping them in order to get a new gun. I couldn’t help but laugh when Jinpachi , the pirate , was hitting on Yuri. He couldn’t believe his eyes that he is actually a boy ( lol ). Isanami jumped in saying: “But im also a girl!” . She got angry when Jinpachi made fun of her boobs so her Oni-chan attacked Jinpachi. He got beaten from just taking a hit from Jinpachi. And that is amazing because Saizou and the others couldn’t do that when all of them were going against Miyoshi.

Then, out of the blue Jinpachi said that he won’t trust them unless they make some bonds. At first I thought he wanted to challange them to a battle but out of the blue he throwed a barrel of sake. Afterwards they all started drinking. Yuri got drunk and started saying stupid things.At night , Saizou thought about this whole situation and realized that he really likes being around them. He probably considers them friends by now.

The episode ends with Jinpachi and the other braves getting off the ship. Next episode Jinpachi will most likely decide to stay with the old man. Now that all the braves have gathered, what will heappen next? They will most probably have to defend Isanami from having her Kushimitama taken.


3 thoughts on “Brave 10 episode 8

  1. i never get tired of Yuri being mistaken as a girl && probably he’s being gay for Saizo anyway (lol).

    now they’re complete, there’s no doubt it’s going to be defending Isanami from having her Kushimitama taken by Date Masamune.

    • Yuri likes Saizo, that’s for sure!

      Also,about the Kushimitama, I remember the priest telling Isanami never to take it off. The power of the Kushimitama might break lose if she loses it. I’m sure of it. So if the Kushimitama gets taken off Isanami will rape the shit out of them! haha

      • oh i seriously forgot all about that. thanks for reminding(: well seeing that happen would be a blast but i doubt that’ll happen anyway. haha.

        if she can’t take the Kushimitama off, i wonder how she takes a bath. lol.

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