Brave 10 episode 9

Holy crap, Brave 10 is becoming awesome again! Episode 9 of Brave 10 is the best episode so far. This episode we finally find out more about the meaning of braves and Isanami’s power. The braves represent nature,ground,fire,water,ice,lighting,wind,steel,darkness and light. My first thought was that Saizou was darkness but unexpectedly the old man said that Isanami is actually the darkness. Her power is the power to destroy life and the kushimitama is withstanding it. If it weren’t for the kushimitama, Isanami would most likely kill everyone around her!

Ana’s betrayal was unexpected and now that Rokuro lost his right eye they have no more imformation! Damn it! She shouldn’t have gotten away! Now, alot more people will come to seek the power of Isanami thinking that the source of the power is the Kushimitama. If they take it off it will be all over for humankind!

This episode was just great! There is something that worries me however. Brave 10 will end in 3 episodes. It will be kind of lame if it really did. They spent 8 eps getting the braves and then end it in 4 eps? Brave 10 was focusing on fanservice up until now, why must it end?! I hope it gets a second season!


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