Another Episode 9

The episode starts with Kouchi and Mei having a talk with the Librarian and the Teacher about the death of Nakao. It appears that even if the death took place outside of Yomiyama the incident that caused it to happen took place in the town before they died. There is a good chance that this theory might be true. Afterwards Kouchi has another dream, he meets all the classmates that died in all of the previous episodes. In the dream, the dead are all blaming him for what had happened to them. Now this could mean two things. Kouchi’s subconcious is assuming that he’s the one at fault , however , this dream could just be a hint to what is about the happen in the next episodes.

Kouchi then meets with Teshigawara and Mochizuki. He told them about Mr.Matsumaga’s confession so they decide to search the old class 3  for whatever he had left behind. It turned out to be a tape which was directed towards the future students of class 3. In the tape Matsumaga talked about the trip to the shrine. Their prayers seemed to have made the curse even worse. When the students leaved the shrine two of them died. One of them was strucked by lightning!

Just when the tape was at the most important part, a teacher walked in the room and they had to hide. Afterwards, Teshigawara accidently broke the tape! Mochizuki said he would try and fix it. The episode ends with more people dying. I thought that the tape would’ve stopped working when Matsumaga started talking about how the curse could be stopped but instead they simply got interrupted. I facepalmed myself when Teshigawara broke the tape. This is probably my favourite episode so far. From now on things are about to get interesting. 3 more episodes and it will end. I hope the last episodes will have a nice twist. As for the preview, it didn’t really show anything that could allow us to predict it. But I do expect something is going to happen again next week, as always. In the preview Akazawa was shown crying, she had never cried before so I wonder what actually happened. Maybe one of her family member died? Well stay tuned for next week’s episode. Thanks for reading.


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