Robert answering 50 questions about himself.

After seeing Ace Railgun‘s 50 questions I thought of doing a post just like this in order for you guys to know me better. The 50 questions post has become popular along Ace’s followers ever since he made the post. Now its my turn to answer the questions.

Questions about Anime:

1. Who is your favorite male anime character?

Light Yagami from Death Note. He is smart,cautious and can be considered childish at the beginning of the show.

2. Who is your favorite female character?

Victorique from Gosick. Because she is so cute!

3. What is your favorite anime soundtrack?

I really like Death Note’s soundtrack and if I were to choose my 2nd favourite it would probably be Guilty Crown.

4. What is your favorite anime opening + animation?

There are so many OPs that I like and I never really had a favourite opening. There’s a tight battle between Code Geass World End and Angel Beats but I suppose I like Angel Beats’s OP more than Code Geass’s

5. What is your favorite anime ending song + animation?

There aren’t so many endings coming to my mind however there is one particular ending that has been stuck into my mind for the past moths and that is Boku wa Tomodachi’s ED.

6. What is your favorite anime scene?

I would say that it’s probably the moment when Light is writing in his Death Note and kills criminals.

7. If you could meet an anime character who would it be?

It is pretty obvious that I would want to meet my favourite character. So if I were to meet someone I would want to meet Light and help him make the new world!

8. What anime character is most similar to you in terms of personality?

I guess I am pretty similar to Light. I always think before doing anything and I try to make the best choice. However there is one big difference between the two of us. I would never manipulate my friends.

9. What is your favorite thing about anime?

Good question! I really love the way the story is told and the characters are presented.

10. What is your least favorite thing about anime?

I hate it when there is excessive fanservice and they stop focusing on the story that much.

11. Who are your favorite anime couple?

My favourite anime couple are Haruka and Junichi from Amagami SS.

12. Who is your favorite anime animal?

There aren’t so much animals in anime but if I were to choose one it would be one of the penguins from Mawaru Penguin.

13. What anime would make a good game?

I think guilty crown will make a good game. In fact, the game is already being made, it will be done in a few more months!

14. What game would make a good anime?

Uncharted would definitely make a good anime. I just love the characters and the story and I would be more than happy to see it as an anime. If done correctly it might be a success!

15. What was the first anime you ever watched?

The first anime that I watched was Naruto. It was on TV and I was obsessed with it 5 years ago, to the extent where I was telling everyone that it’s the best anime ever. *facepalm*

16. Do you think you’ll ever stop watching anime?

The future is unpredictable so I can’t say for sure.

17. What is your favorite genre of anime

My favourite genre is psychological.

18. What is your least favorite genre of anime?

I dislike ecchi if it doesn’t focus on the story and simply adds loads of fanservice. I also dislike shounen sometimes because it tends to be childish.

19. Are you open about watching anime with people you know?

Yes I am. Most of my friends watch anime and some of them are otakus.My also know of my passion. At first they thought that anime were cartoons for little kids but after I showed them a few amazing ones that I loved they changed their mind. As for girls, the girls that I know don’t watch anime so I try to avoid talking about it with them as they will probably get the wrong impression about me.

20. Have you ever been to Japan?

No but I would love to. However in the near future I will go. Probably in one or two years.

21. What anime was the biggest let down for you?

11 eyes.

22. What anime was better then expected?

Code Geass. At first I was skeptical about watching CG because I thought badly of mecha, but I decided to take a risk and watch it. It turned out to be my favourite anime!

23. What is the best anime fight scene?

Im not really into fighting scenes but the one I like the most is when Ichigo fights Aizen and uses his last getsugatenshou.

24. Who is your anime waifu?

Obviously, my waifu is also my favourite female character (see question 2 )

25. What was your favorite video game as a child?

I was obsessed with counter strike source when I was about six years old.

Questions about me:

26. Most Embarrassing moment?

When a classmate came to pay me a visit so I could help her with her study. I went to bring a bottle of coke because we were both thirsty. When I came back she was looking at my web’s history and saw some “interesting sites”. She then started to make fun of me.

27. Can you drive?


27. Do you own a car?

I’m only 16, of course I don’t!

28. Are you mature?

I try to be as mature as possible but there are times when I act like a complete child!

29. What year were you born?


 30. Do you prefer cats or dogs?

I have had both a cat and a dog. And I can say for sure that I prefer having a dog. Cats are lazy and all they do is eat and sleep!

31. Describe yourself physically.

Pretty tall, a bit skinny, long brown hair.

32. What would you name your first child?

I didn’t think of it before. But if my future wife is okay with it I would like to give him a japanese name!

33. What is the worst injury you have ever had?

When I was a kid I used to climb a lot of trees. I once fell and broke my left arm.

34. What is your worse habit?

I would say it’s procrastination. Oh and there’s one more bad habit that I have when I watch anime. If I really love the anime I tend to laugh like a maniac. No wonder my parents look at me weird.

35. Do you drink or smoke?

I have smoked before but just to try it out but I decided I don’t want to destroy my health for something as stupid as smoking.As for drinking, the answer is also no.

36. Do you have a tattoo?

No I don’t and I am not planning to have one in the near future.

37. Are you a morning person or a night person?

I hate mornings!

38. Have you ever slept past midday

Of course! Last summer I did that almost every day!

39. Do you regret anything?

I regret making a lot of mistakes in my life. But making mistakes is part of learning, so I just have to move on.

40. Can you count the number of friends you have on one hand?

Yes, I can!

41. Do you wear glasses?

I have no problems with my eye sight despite the countless hours I spend in front of my computer.

42. Are you a picky eater?

I am when it comes to eating fish.

43. Would you die for someone?

No. I’m an egoist and only care for myself.

44. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I would love to have the power of time travel.

45. Do you believe in the supernatural?

Part of me wants to say no but I know that I am fascinated in those sort of things! I believe there is life after death however I can’t say for sure that the supernatural really exists.

46. Would you rather be rich or famous?

I want to be rich so I can buy whatever I wanted and do whatever I wanted. No more responsibilities ftw!

47. Have you ever committed a crime.

Even if I did, I wouldn’t admit it 😉

48. Pirates or ninjas? Time Traveler or ghost?

Ghosts are boring and mysterious. I would rather pick a Time Traveler!

49. Does someone have a crush on you?

I don’t think so, but you can never be sure!

50. Are you in a relationship?

No and I’m not planning to anytime soon. Girls are annoying. I have enough things to worry about.


14 thoughts on “Robert answering 50 questions about himself.

    • I almost finished rewatching it. I just love it!
      No1 really uses my computer so I never delete my history. I have never thought that she would check my history. I didn’t even know how to react when I saw her browsing thorugh my history so I simply got angry at her for invading my privacy.

  1. My brother looked at my history once. Just once. He’s never gotten on my computer again. 🙂 (Fortunately it was just anime episodes, though that had an unfortunate effect of its own, but that’s another story.)

    I’m not a morning person myself, so I can understand that.

      • The effect was that my brother knew I watched anime. Things have been…different since. Let’s just say that neither he nor the rest of my family are particularly supportive of that particular pastime. I’ll leave it at that.

        And yes, they do suck. They really, really do.

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