Another episode 10

This week’s episode we find out how to stop the curse. Apparently the only way to stop it is to find the dead student and return him to where he belongs, in other words, kill him. Matsumaga got into a fight with a classmate when they reached the bottom of the mountain. His classmate got thrown at the tree and, unfortunately, his head got impaled by a branch! Surprisingly, the next day none remembered who he was and when Matsumaga went into the forest he was no longer there. So the only thing left to ask is, Who is dead? Luckily, Mei can answear that question very easy by using her left eye. I have suspected her of having the power to see dead people ever since she said: I can see things other people can’t with this eye.

I can tell that Kouchi is against killing a classmate but there is no other way to stop the curse so he has to do it. Also, Akazawa seemed pretty pissed at Mei. In my opinion, its her fault that Kouchi made contact with Mei. If he had been told about the curse of class 3 he wouldn’t have talked to Mei in the first place! And regarding Mei’s theory, I can comfirm it by taking a look at the beginning of the episode. Akazawa was crying, she seemed very sad and angry, talking about her brother. Come to think of it, that is the first time her brother was mentioned up until now. Akazawa never actually cried even when her classmates died in front of her. Her brother most probably died, and that was at the time when Kouchi was still in hospital. Around that time, Mei’s cousin also died which makes me believe that the curse had already started back then!

I had a feeling none would die this episode but I guess I was wrong. When Teshigawara rushed in the room and said: I might have done something bad, I felt very excited. However, come to think of it, would Teshigawara take the risk to kill someone just based on assumptions? Probably not. I’m curious to find out what happened between him and his classmate. Most likely, something similar to what happened to Matsumaga. Teshigawara might have lost his consciousness and then, when he woke up he found him dead. There is a chance that he might be the dead person however this can’t be it because there are still 3 more episodes left. Mei can easily search the dorm and see who the dead really is and just solve this in the next episode but there are going to be 3 more. There has got to be some twist at the end, I just know it! Anyway, after seeing the preview for the next episode I can say for sure that there will be alot of deaths in the next episode. Maybe even more than in episode 8. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Another episode 10

  1. Akazawa’s dream is her remembering her first encounter with Kouichi. No one else seems to remember but he has been there before and he was there for a reason. Misaki having a twin, that was surprising to me. Got a little yuri there for a minute.

    • Indeed. Misaki and her twin are seriously cute. Another will have an OVA and it’s going to feature the two of them!

      As for Akazawa, it seems she likes Kouchi. I just have this feeling that she does. Maybe because of their encounter?

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