Anime spotlight: AnoHana

After seeing alot of good feedback on AnoHana I decided to give it a try.I was not dissapointed. It has the sort of heartwarming atmosphere which makes you want to hug something ( In my case the pillow).AnoHana is one of the few anime that managed to make me cry. It has become one of my favourite anime and also it’s definetly in the top of 2011. I reccomend this to everyone regardless of your preferences, you will surely love AnoHana.


8 thoughts on “Anime spotlight: AnoHana

  1. AnoHana made me cry, too, especially the end. It really was heartwarming and those who don’t think so are a bit heartless. Everyone in this show was suffering but Menma healed them. They still needed her after her death.

  2. Watched it some time ago, felt like watching my life from another person’s view when everyone fell apart. Touching and understandable.

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