Another: episode 11

This episode was the bloodiest of them all and with so many people dead. It all started when Mochizuki showed the tape to Akazawa and Takako. Besides that, Akazawa remembered that Misaki was in the same school as her, but , she didn’t have an eyepatch. That seemed weird because Misaki said she had problems with her eye ever since she was four years old. And that’s how they suspected Misaki for being the dead one. That alone, was a big misunderstanding. That was actually Misaki’s twin sister which died in the first episode.

Takoko played the tape to everyone and accused Misaki of being the dead one. That’s how they all started chasing after Misaki. But there is still something bothering me. Why is that woman killing the students? She probably knew nothing about the curse so why kill them? She’s probably the one who set fire to the dining room and killed the manager as well. She has no reason to do this, yet why did she kill them? Could it be that the curse is influencing her? There is a possibility but I don’t think so. I can’t think of any other reasons she would do that.

Also, why was Takako stained with blood? Maybe it’s because of that woman. Afterall, she wouldn’t try to kill anyone else except for Misaki. Regarding Misaki, she was supposed to find out who the dead one is, yet why did she have her eyepatch on the entire episode?! She ran past several students and there was a chance one of them could have been the dead one! That was kind of stupid of her. At the end of the episode Misaki got separated from Kouchi and Akazawa and went by her own to find the dead one. It looked like she was taking blame for what had happened. If she dies then they won’t ever have a chance to find out who the dead one is!

The next episode seems to be just as bloody as this one. Up until now, Another has done a very good job on delivering the show. I’m quite satisfied how it turned out and i’m sure everyone is looking forward to the grand finale. I just hope everything will turn out just fine. Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “Another: episode 11

  1. The old woman had no connection with the classroom whatsoever. The sole way for it to connect is that she’s some relative of a student or she’s just a crazy bitch going in yandere mode. Don’t forget she killed her husband (?).
    I fear that’s the extend of the depth in this series…

      • Quite the vicious character. I just hope she wasn’t just some expendable character that was thrown in to make the craziness of the situation reach the skies.
        By the way, now that I think about it, she totally smells like a anime original character, made to finish off the series faster or something.

  2. I loved episode 11 but I was also confused by the old woman going on the rampage. I just put it down to the fact that she was possessed by a spirit. I find that’s a pretty good excuse for most things.

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