Liebster Blog award

Two weeks ago I had a pleasant surprise from GoodbyeNavi. She nominated me into something called the Liebster Blog award. You probably have no idea what it is so let me explain. Basically, the Liebster Blog award is a “pay it forward” award in which bloggers with under 200 followers are nominated. If nominated, it would be appreciated if the blogger will follow the tradition and nominate 5 blogs under 200 followers that he is regularly reading. I know it took me quite a while but I finally found time to write this. Now then, let me present you the 5 blogs I love reading!

1) Wan Abrar : A fastly growing stylish blog which is written by Rei and 4 other writers (including me). Posting about pretty much everything anime-related.

2)Minoru’s blog :The anniblog that inspired me to start a blog. The author, Minoru has an unique and funny writing style writing episodical reviews.

3) Grass Pants : A well-written blog that varies from games to anime. SomeWhatMystia, the writer, has some very interesting posts. He is not afraid to post reviews of games that are maybe even more than 20 years old, and, when it comes to anime, he has some very honest thoughts which makes you see what kind of person he is.  Check him out!

4) Ace Railgun : A very addicting blog with posts about Anime,games,artworks and even podcasts!

5) Marth’s Anime Blog : The creator of the blog, Marthaurion is insanely similar to me. Whenever I read his posts I feel like I’m reading my own thoughts! He is reviewing the currently airing anime. The blog is very consistent , so you will most likely find a new post every day.

PS: This is not a top 5, so the blogs are in no particular order.


15 thoughts on “Liebster Blog award

    • Thanks. I actually had no idea what the Liebster Blog Nominations actually were eighter. This is a very usefull thing for small blogs such as mine. Btw, Liebster means beloved in german.

  1. “The anniblog that inspired me to start a blog”, huh? Somehow I feel quite proud (haha), well your blog (and other nominations too) have brought more color to the ‘sphere. This is indeed a nice thing.

    • I’m sure you will like it. But yeah, most annibloggers I know havn’t heard of minoru. You should give him a try.

      Also, keep up the work on your blog. So far its going really good. I enjoy reading it.

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    • Wow, that’s a surprise. It’d be better if you would have an About me page on your blog. Anyways, about 70% of the people watching anime are boys so I simply assumed. Sorry if I offended you. >.<

      • I do have an About Me page, it’s entitled “Some Tidbits”. You should read it. You didn’t offend me, I found it funny, especially since I wrote a post about females in anime blogging.

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