Another episode 12

First off, let me start with saying that I am pleased with the ending. I would never have expected Reiko to be the dead one. Sure she was one of the previous student of class 3 but who would have guessed that she is related to all of this new cursed that is happening. I’m a bit sad That she had to be killed, she is so innocent. I noticed that Ms.Mikami looked surprisingly similiar to Reiko but I thought it was just me. But then, all the clues that were given to us in this episode all made a lot of sense. Everything is related to what happened 1 and a half years ago where Kouichi visited the city. His grandpa mentioned about his mother and Reiko being dead at the funeral and Reiko mentioned to Kouichi never to tell anyone that she is Mikami sensei.

As I was watching, I realized how much of an airhead I was for not suspecting her sooner. At the time when those clues were given I thought that the dead one would be a student so I never even took Reiko into consideration. I felt really sad and upset to see everyone killing each other. I was especially sad at the scene where Akazawa died. After the whole incident ended, half of the class had fallen victim to the curse. There are still things left unexplained and questions left unansweared. For instance, why did that old woman go frenzy and kill everyone? As the librarian said, this is not normal. It also looked like most of the students lost their minds and started killing whoever they suspected. But then again, we will never know that since there will be no episode 13. At the end of the episode we can see Teshigawara and Mochizuki puting a tape that contained information about how to stop the calamity and also telling them to make sure to carefully consider their actions. A safer and easier way is to just use Mei’s eyes, she should become a teacher at the Yomi North and make sure that there will never be an incident ever again(if that ever happens).

Overall, Another has proven to be a very entertaining anime, and in my opinion it is the best of the winter season. It keeps you guessing all the time and come up with theories of what might happen next. It is however not perfect, the curse could just be stopped if they disbanded that class or do something(if this will ever work). It would be impossible for the people not to notice that there’s something strange with so many students dying in that class. So it’s the end for the series and Monday nights will never be the same without Another. I will miss this show.




6 thoughts on “Another episode 12

  1. We were too busy suspecting students to pick the assistant teacher. What gets me is that people started dying before she got to the class which feels even more cheap.

    I though nobody was going to get crushed under the chandelier like the intro shows but them bam! Four people get splattered. I will miss Another too.

    • Yeah indeed, they could’ve made it more interesting. But then again the ending didn’t ruin the show so I guess its fine. It’s a pretty decent one.

      Yea, that chandelier kind of surprised me there. I wonder how many people survived the calamity.

      • I think it was 14 students dead. 14 students alive with 4 of those being injured. Of coarse of there was more dead family member etc.

        I saw a chart somewhere but I can’t find it which is a pain.

  2. You all were too busy suspecting students, I said it was her all along! And no one believed me. It didn’t surprise me at all but that was ok, I still enjoyed the show. She was more than just a previous student, she was the previous teacher.

    • I don’t think a previous student can be the dead one. Anyway, as Ace says, it was cheap of them to make the dead one a teacher. Because we all knew it was supposed to be a student!

  3. I didn’t suspect her either. The clues were there but because everybody in the anime was so focussed on the concept that the dead would return as students I never really pieced the clues together. It just goes to show how people so wrapped up in events might not see the important things.

    I agree with you on Another being the best anime this season.

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