The begining of a new season!

Now that the winter season has ended, it is time for some new anime! The winter season was actually greater than I expected. My favourite anime in the previous season was Another. Even though the ending could have been better I stiil like it. Anyway, if you guys have not seen the anime that will air this spring then you should take a look on this chart here:

Click me!

Click me!

Just a quick note: I also added a new menu tab called: Current Season’s chart. It might come in handy when you guys are searching for some anime worth watching.

The purpose of this post is quite simple. Im here to let you know what anime I’m going to do episodical reviews this season. There are some bad news however, in about 2 months I will have exams and studying will be quite time consuming. Therefore I am only going to choose two anime.

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia :

I mainly chose the because of the story. The idea of life after death intrigues me but lets just hope they will have the right approach on this. I have read a few of the manga and I enjoyed it quite alot. I’m still not sure how the anime will be though. It seems like it’s horror so it will probably have a dark feeling.

Kore wa Zombie desu ka? OF THE DEAD :

I have watched the first season of Kore wa Zombie desu ka a few months ago and I had a  pleasant surprise. I never laughed that hard ever before. If it’s going to be just like the first season then I’m definetly going to like this.

EDIT: Sankarea:

I almost forgot about this. This is the series that I have anxiously waited for the past months. I have read the manga and it’s really entertaining despite it being ecchi.

As I mentioned above exams are coming up and I need to study in the upcoming weeks. So I might be late a day or two with the reviews 😦 .


5 thoughts on “The begining of a new season!

  1. based on what I saw in the manga, Amnesia isn’t as horror as you may think

    if I get around to finishing the first season of Zombie, I might pick it up too. Or maybe it’s one of those shows where it doesn’t matter if I start in the second season…hmm….

    • It actually is. It’s pure comedy so story does not really matter. It’s one of the most funny anime I’ve seen and unlike other shows, the comedy is not random! Chances are, you will like it.

  2. You’re not gonna watch every one of anime that comes out this season like you did several season ago? :p

    This is gonna be a wonderful season, so much promising anime and stuff. Too bad I, just like you, don’t have that much time to watch every interesting show so I have to cherry-pick them later.

    • Unfortunately no. Exams are coming up and I have to study. It will be pretty rough by taking care of this blog and studying at the same time but I can manage.

      Yeah, I actually am going to cherry pick them after exams are over. In fact, I will marathon them in less than a week!

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