Brave 10 episode 11 and 12: The end

Sorry for being late on this one guys. I had some stuff to attend and didn’t really have the time to do a post on this. I have to admit that his ending was predictable. Well, it’s not really like I was expecting something good since this show has been corrupted with excessive fanservice. The fights were kind of meh and felt childish. The only thing that made me watch Brave 10 was because of the time it took place but they didn’t really focus on that too much.

After the ending music there were about two minutes in which the braves are once again happily spending their time together *ironical* YAY! The ending is far too typical. So if you have not watched Brave 10 up until now, then I strongly advise you not to. There is absolutely nothing interesting except, as mentioned above, the time it took place. But if you like watching bad romance with excessive fanservice then you have all the reasons to like this show. So here’s my question to you, Did you enjoy watching this? Do you feel dissapointed? Im always happy to hear other peoples opinions and compare it to my own.


5 thoughts on “Brave 10 episode 11 and 12: The end

  1. I think I got almost halfway through this one before I dropped it. The show looked like it could be interesting – I like action, and Saizo uses a sword – but flopped for me. The female lead, whatever her name was, sealed the deal – she’s at least as annoying as the young version of Sakura from Naruto. More annoying in my opinion. And you say a romance developed? With her? Yep, I’m glad I dropped it.

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