Dusk maiden of Amnesia episode 1. The moe ghost!


The first episode had surprised me. I expected this to have a serious atmosphere which is specific to horror anime but there was only comedy and fan service! But I still liked it. Yuko, the female protagonist and as well as the ghost is extremely perverted and extremely cute! Teichi, our dear protagonist looks innocent. He is also a lady’s man!

Let’s just hope that they will focus on the story rather than the fanservice. This episodes just makes me ask more questions: Why does the Teichi have the power to see ghosts? How did Yuuko die? And why is she haunting the school grounds?


I might have misunderstood this but, Yuuko is their club president right? If so then don’t the other members know she’s dead? This is quite strange. Also, why does she have a bell on her? The first episode made me want to read the manga which is stay I will actually do.




4 thoughts on “Dusk maiden of Amnesia episode 1. The moe ghost!

  1. I was wondering about her role as club president too. She is dead. Probably has been for a while so did she used to be club president before she died or did she just become it recently because she like mysteries.

    I’m most excited for when someone opens that shifty little door in the club room. That will be crazy.

    • If she became the president recently then it means that she died not too long ago. There’s one thing that is bothering me though. One of the club members said that some stories involve Yuuko. Maybe they know that she’s dead.

      Oh yeah, it was also mentioned that her body is in the club room! If they find out that there’s a body in there it’s going to get interesting.

  2. ehh…I actually read the first bit of the manga, so I know some of the answers to your questions. The anime seems to have decided to just jump straight in so as to introduce all the characters or something. I’m sure they’ll step back and explain everything. I also know what’s behind the shifty door hehehehe

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