Sankarea episode 1. First impressions

I was quite surprised when I found out that Sankarea is about cute zombies! No matter how I think of zombies I would never find them cute! The protagonist is quite an unusual one. He has no interest for humans! That’s what I call a real zombie otaku! From the looks of it he will probably get that secret ressurection recipe to work! And as if he weren’t lucky enough he also found a cute test subject!


Sanka Rea  is so innocent I could almost die of Hnnnging! But her father is pretty weird making nude photos of her every year. He must have some kind of daughter fetish. Rea most probably hates him alot since she’s willing to become a zombie to escape him!


She just wants to live a normal life and becoming a zombie will allow her to start a new one! Im more than sure that the potion will work. Lets just hope she won’t go on a rampage and eat everyone’s brains! xD


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