Strange Japan: Kanamara Matsuri (NSFW)

Before you read this make sure you’re alone. Otherwise your family might think of you as a freak :P. This is NSFW material.

We all know that Japan tends to be weird sometimes. And this is one of those times. Kanamara Matsuri (also known as The Penis Festival) is a festival held in Japan,Kawasaki in which people worship the penis!

Japan’s festivals are well known for their food and sweets. The Kanamara Matsuri festival is no exception, serving penis and vagina shaped candy and vegetables as well as decorations.

Imagine how little kids look when sucking onto this! And yes, kids are allowed as well. This proves it, Japan is the most perverted country! I’m actually quite amazed that so many girls have come. If I would see a girl sucking onto this lolipop I would automatically assume she’s a whore! And also, I heard that this festival even has a special place in which couples can…. um…… have sex! In fact, its a pretty big room. Rumour has it that once there were about 3000 people in that room!


So what are your thoughts on the Kanamara Matsuri Festival?


10 thoughts on “Strange Japan: Kanamara Matsuri (NSFW)

  1. LOL. That little girl looks in shock. I saw some pictures of a fertility festival and a woman was dressed as a giant penis. I was quite amused and so were the men around her.

    • Hahaha she’s probably wondering: What’s that big black thing over there daddy? And her dad would be like: You’ll understand when you grow up.

      It’s quite funny (and kind of ironic) for a woman to dress as a penis so it’s understandable for the others to be amused by her appearance 😛

  2. Worship the almighty Penis-sama!
    I know Japan has that perverted reputation but I think I’d never imagine that kind of festival. I guess it’s just to have some fun, not for perverted things (well except for that “special place” where they have sex). And I think it’s totally acceptable as long as they don’t hurt anyone.
    Maybe I’d feel a little embarrassed if I have to try one of those “foods”. But it’s only food so… (unless it’s made of real penises/vaginas lol :P)

    Nice post!

    • You see Sarckz this is where Japan’s weird reputation comes from. They always come up with weird unexpected stuff. And to be honest with you, I wouldn’t eat any of the food because it would make me look like a freak.

      Thanks but it wasn’t really too much work so no need to praise me. All I did was get the pictures and information about it. And then just wrote my personal oppinion on it.

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