Korewa Zombie Desuka episode 1: The Mahou Shoujo Boy has been discovered!

It’s finally here! The second season of the epic ecchi comedy anime Korewa zombie desuka is finally here! So far it didn’t disappoint me.In fact, I didn’t laugh as hard as I did watching this the entire year! What I love the most is the protagonist, Aikawa. His monologues never fail to amuse me. As well as his imagination in which he sees Eu in a “diffrent” way.

Eighter way, in this episode we have been introduced to a new character. We have no idea what her name is so I will just call her “The alcoholic loli”. She has something strange about her. A normal person doesn’t just suddenly puke rainbows or dissapear! In fact, a normal kid like her doesn’t drink sake! Also, how exactly did Aikawa get drunk by drinking water?!


I feel kind of bad for Aikawa. The whole highschool has seen his real identity and he’s unable to make them forget because the chainsaw broke! The end of the episode was kind of strange. Did Sarasvati really meant to say that she loves Aikawa WHILE LOOKING AT HIS ASS?! Well lets just ignore that for now because there is something even more weird at the ED. The girls were poking flowers up Aikawa’s ass at the ED(wtf) and watering them. The flower even grew bigger because of the water. Could this get any weirder?! But then again that’s to be expected since this show can be pretty random at times. Looking forward for the next episode.





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