Sankarea episode 2: Becoming a zombie

As expected the potion worked! Babu has been ressurected and fortunately Rea didn’t die! I feel bad for Rea. She’s such a kind hearted girl and yet she was born into such a bad family. Her father cares about nothing but her; not that it’s wrong for a dad to be concerned about his daughter but he is definetly going overboard.

He thinks that anyone and anything can be a bad influence for Rea which made her lose the only friend she had. And since Rea is being watched by her father’s people he knows all about the meetings  in that abandoned building. Which makes me believe that Furuya will soon be taken care of as well. But it will obviously not end like that. Anyway, since Rea drank the potion and will become a zombie. A normal zombie goes on a rampage whenever it sees humans. But I hope that something like that won’t heappen.

In fact, I am more than sure things won’t go that way. Sankarea is an ecchi anime and there’s nothing ecchi about  zombies eating brains is there? Speaking about ecchi, Furuya’s cousin was quite perverted showing her body on the window like that. Anyway, why does she visit Furuya so often? It’s obviously not because she wants to borrow some more zombie movies. To me, it seems like she’s demanding attention from Furuya so maybe she has a crush on him. And it also seems like Rea likes Furuya as well. Which means, there might be a love triangle! >.<

The more I watch this show the more I love it. I’ve already taken a liking to the opening which actually sounds pretty good. I am looking forward to seeing how Rea and Babu will act in the next episode. And as always, thanks for reading~


4 thoughts on “Sankarea episode 2: Becoming a zombie

    • Unfortunately your wish shall not be fullfilled. I have read the manga and Rea’s father will not die. In fact, he will change into a good dad. I hope I didnt spoil you with that. 😛

  1. Very good episode again. That was ridiculously disturbing, or maybe more like disturbing in a ridiculous way. Anyway, I was expecting her issues to be much lighter than that and the family’s obsessiveness to be mostly a joke, but that was actually pretty intense and her suicidial thoughts feel much heavier now that I know the context.

    • Same here. Rich girls usually have it all and are rarely abused by their parents. In fact, some of them dont even see their parents that much. It’s not the same with Rea though. Her father is a freak treating her like that!

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