Dusk Maiden of Amnesia episode 2: Fatefull Encounter!

“How Rude!”

“How Rude!”

After seeing episode 1 I decided to read the manga. To my surprise, it was really entertaining. Can’t wait till the next chapter comes out! >.<. Anyway, the manga did not start the way the anime did. Episode 2 was initially meant to be the first one but due to some stupid reason it was not.

Anyway, we finally find out how Niiya started seeing Yuuko’s ghost! That mirror is apparently the reason why he can see her. And who would have thought that her body was also behind that mirror?! Her reaction was quite cute and really unpredictable. She’s the most perverted female character I’ve seen and yet she gets embarrsed just because her bones have been seen.

The way Momoe was saved was seriously funny. While she was seeing a blood thirsty monster running towards her, Niiya, was seeing the cute Yuuko-san while her “melons” were bouncing up and down! This explains why Momoe joined the club. Now the only character left is that short haired tsundere and looking back at episode 1 I can say that she can also see Yuuko! Who might she be?

So far I am pleased with the way this anime has been going. I was expecting something with a serious and dark atmosphere like Another but it turned out that it was the exact opposite. I would be happier if they lowered the ammount of fanservice. It’s kind of getting annoying; can’t say I don’t like seeing Yuuko this way :P.



11 thoughts on “Dusk Maiden of Amnesia episode 2: Fatefull Encounter!

  1. well i think your going to hate my review of this episode that will be up on wan abrar in a bit haha this episode was not what i was hoping for

      • i want something scary! something like Shiki or Another. im going to have to go into this series with a different mindset now that I know this is going to be more of an ecchi comedy than anything else

  2. This reminds me a lot Natsu no Arashi… they started with a very random episode with character that get introduce later in the story just for funs.

    Good episode overall, I think is hilarious how this is taking a more comical approach to its adaptation than Sankarea, yet the original content for this is more gloomy and mysterious. Still I’m rallying enjoying this so far to bad is only 12 episodes.

    • I haven’t seen that anime but looking at the picture I can tell why you think that way. The girl looks very similiar to Yuuko and the anime also has to do with the supernatural. Anyway, the anime would have been better if it didn’t start off that way.

      It’s also pretty similiar to Sankarea as well! But, as you said, Dusk Maiden is more enjoyable than Sankarea because it’s funnier. Seriously, how many times will Niiya grab Yuuko’s boobs by the end of the show?

      I’m kind of sad it only got 12 eps. But then again, the manga isn’t finished yet. I wonder how they will end the anime. Let’s hope we won’t be dissapointed!

  3. “melons”, LOLLLL

    Nooo, please don’t be like Another. I like this series because it’s combination horror and fanservice. Especially, there’s perverted ghost (Yuuko) ^^V

    • I’m being serious. Yuuko’s breasts were as big as melons when she was in that ghost costume xD.

      So far there weren’t so much horror moments but in the upcoming episodes the show will have a more dark and serious side. 🙂

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