Shining Hearts: The bad side and the good side of the show.

This anime has been getting alot of bad feedback in the anniblog sphere and I did not really share the same oppinion as the most people did. But that was way back when the first episode just aired. I thought it was having a slow begining but now, after two episodes this anime still didn’t make any progress in the story. They only sold bread!; Sure, the anime did that while giving us clues about what’s going to happen but this is way too slow. And this is actually a game-adaptation! And from what I’ve heard, this is a Jrpg! I can’t even imagine a jrpg in which all you do is sell bread! 

Anyways, enough with the things I didn’t like. It’s time to talk about the good aspects regarding this show. First things first, if you’ve read my previous posts then you most probably know my preferences. I really like anime that take place in the medieval time. Something about it fascinates me! Maybe it’s because I’m just tired of the good old highschool realated anime. I find it quite interesting that they even included mythical creatures such as elves; and I’m sure that there will be more than just that. We just have to wait and see.

Even though the begining was really slow I still liked it. Mainly because of the warm atmosphere that theese two episodes had. It made me feel really peacefull. Another thing I liked were the characters. They’re all loveable. However I would like to see some more character development going around because we barely know anything about them! Speaking about characters, the ending of the 2nd episode introduced a new character, Kaguya. Judging by the synopsis, the story resolves around Kaguya’s loss of memory. So the next episode will finally focus on the story! Hopefully we won’t be dissapointed.


2 thoughts on “Shining Hearts: The bad side and the good side of the show.

  1. Have not seen this yet or played the game for that matter (still finishing up Madoka for PSP). Might have to look into this though.

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