Dusk Maiden of Amnesia episode 3: Spirited Away.

This week’s episode introduced a new character, Kirie! Now we finally found out how Teichi met Kirie and Momoe! God, why is it that Teichi is only around girls?! (And cute ones too!) This episode also reminded us a very important thing about Yuuko, which is the fact that people see her however they imagine her! This explains why Kirie was seeing Yuuko that way; same goes for Teichi. I feel bad for her. She must have felt horrible when Teichi ran away from her. Anyway, why was there a shrine near Yuuko’s body?! There seems to be a connection between her death and the mysteries of this school. I mean, isn’t it weird that all those stories mention her name?!

We will have to wait more episodes to find that out. That’s the bad part about watching currently airing anime! But then again, you get to look forward to each monday knowing there will be a new episode that day! 🙂

I was rather surprised when I reached the end of the episode and Teichi didn’t grab any boobs! Guess your luck is out, my friend 😉 . But even without touching boobs, Teichi still got to enjoy seeing Yuuko naked! I hope they would stop giving us so much fanservice scenes and concentrate on some other things. The fanservice was okay at first, but now it’s getting annoying. Despite the fanservice, DMA manages to keep the show interesting including new mysteries every episode!

After finishing watching the episode I spent an entire half an hour listening to the opening. It’s seriously addicting. One of the best this season. Check it out~


2 thoughts on “Dusk Maiden of Amnesia episode 3: Spirited Away.

  1. This definitely made things a lot more interesting. 😀
    I like how they actually include a reason for the fan service and not just throw it in to please the crowd, that was pretty good!

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