If you’ve read my post, The begining of a new season! then you most probably know that exams are coming up here in Romania. And since I have no intention of failing I will have to try and learn as much as I can in those next weeks. Therefore my episodical reviews will most probably be late. Not to mention I’m two episodes behind Kore Wa Zombie Desuka (turth is, I was just too lazy to write those)

As much as learning sucks, I have got to do this. But worry not, because once exams end I will put my hardest into my future posts. I am initially planning to cover about 6 anime this summer so that I will post atleast a post everyday! Awesome right :)? Well then, wish me luck!


8 thoughts on “Exams.

    • Just because exams are coming up doesn’t mean I won’t blog while I study. It’s just that there will be less post in the upcoming weeks. 😛

      My original reason for upgrading to .com were custom themes. I was dumb enough to think that the update comes with the ability to install them. I was wrong. Now I have to change hosters to anyone but wordpress and simply install it in there. Fortunately I can do that without changing the site name! 😀

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