Sankarea episode 4

"Let me experience all the things a normal girl would!"

“Let me experience all the things a normal girl would!”

This is almost 3 weeks late! Damn those exams! I’ve been really busy theese days. I barely found the time to watch anime. Writing about it is out of question. However I did promise to continue writing. Now then, let us procced with the post!

Yes,yes,yes! Rea is now more or less a zombie. But except for the eye color change and her power boost there is nothing new about her. This is not how a zombie is supposed to act. Or is it? Babu was pretty much on a rampage which is just what a normal zombie cat would do! But he somehow stopped. His pupils also came back, as mentioned by Furuya. So the leaves Babu ate last episode must have done something to influence that! Same goes with Rea. Somehow I think that Rea can’t move because of her not eating the leaf.

But that’s not really such a high priority. In fact, I am more concerned about her body rotting. The only method of keeping it from rotting is to freeze her! But that won’t work. I’m curious about the solution they will come up with. Anyway, this episode was both dramatic and at the same time, funny! Rea’s father pretty much went emo in the bathroom. He could not believe his eyes when he saw Rea rise from the dead! Obviously, he now blames Furuya for everything that had happened. So this is just the begining. Rea will still have to fight with her father in order to get a normal life.

On the other side, this was the funniest episode so far! The bathroom scene was seriously funny but at the same time really stupid. I mean, who would think that thing is for exercising on boobs! Rea’s “exercise” was however interrupted with that weird looking geezer which mistook Rea with someone else! Maybe she mistook her with Furuya’s mother or something or his wife? Either way, that was pretty lucky.

The next episod looks pretty interesting. Rea got found out by none other than Furuya’s aggresive cousin! I’m anxious to see her face when she finds out Furuya has been hiding the cutest girl in the whole school all for himself!


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