Sankarea episode 4

"Let me experience all the things a normal girl would!"

“Let me experience all the things a normal girl would!”

This is almost 3 weeks late! Damn those exams! I’ve been really busy theese days. I barely found the time to watch anime. Writing about it is out of question. However I did promise to continue writing. Now then, let us procced with the post! Continue reading


Dusk Maiden of Amnesia episode 3: Spirited Away.

This week’s episode introduced a new character, Kirie! Now we finally found out how Teichi met Kirie and Momoe! God, why is it that Teichi is only around girls?! (And cute ones too!) This episode also reminded us a very important thing about Yuuko, which is the fact that people see her however they imagine her! This explains why Kirie was seeing Yuuko that way; same goes for Teichi. I feel bad for her. She must have felt horrible when Teichi ran away from her. Anyway, why was there a shrine near Yuuko’s body?! There seems to be a connection between her death and the mysteries of this school. I mean, isn’t it weird that all those stories mention her name?! Continue reading

Shining Hearts: The bad side and the good side of the show.

This anime has been getting alot of bad feedback in the anniblog sphere and I did not really share the same oppinion as the most people did. But that was way back when the first episode just aired. I thought it was having a slow begining but now, after two episodes this anime still didn’t make any progress in the story. They only sold bread!; Sure, the anime did that while giving us clues about what’s going to happen but this is way too slow. And this is actually a game-adaptation! And from what I’ve heard, this is a Jrpg! I can’t even imagine a jrpg in which all you do is sell bread!  Continue reading

Sankarea episode 3: It worked!

Yay! Rea finally became a zombie! Her father pissed me off this episode. He has no right to forbid his daughter from having a lover. But Rea didn’t even want that kind of freedom. All she wanted was to be able to get out of that damn mansion so she can make some friends and live a normal life! Anyway, now that she became a zombie, she can escape her father!  It’s kind of ironical how the potion was supposed to make her die but in the end saved her! I was rather ammused by Rea’s statement after she woke up and the potion had no effect: I’m not even allowed to die. but at the same time, I felt sad. Continue reading