Dusk Maiden of Amnesia episode 3: Spirited Away.

This week’s episode introduced a new character, Kirie! Now we finally found out how Teichi met Kirie and Momoe! God, why is it that Teichi is only around girls?! (And cute ones too!) This episode also reminded us a very important thing about Yuuko, which is the fact that people see her however they imagine her! This explains why Kirie was seeing Yuuko that way; same goes for Teichi. I feel bad for her. She must have felt horrible when Teichi ran away from her. Anyway, why was there a shrine near Yuuko’s body?! There seems to be a connection between her death and the mysteries of this school. I mean, isn’t it weird that all those stories mention her name?! Continue reading


Dusk maiden of Amnesia episode 1. The moe ghost!


The first episode had surprised me. I expected this to have a serious atmosphere which is specific to horror anime but there was only comedy and fan service! But I still liked it. Yuko, the female protagonist and as well as the ghost is extremely perverted and extremely cute! Teichi, our dear protagonist looks innocent. He is also a lady’s man!

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