High School DxD : episode 4

Goddamit, why is Asia-chan so cute?!?!?

Apparently Asia-chan didn't know how to eat burgurs. Awww >.<

Apparently Asia-chan didn't know how to eat burgurs. Awww >.<

ย Warning: If you have not seen this episode yet then please note that there are alot of spoilers in this post. Read at your own risk.

Darn it, she really is cute afterall. So in this episode Issei gets to spend some lovey dovey time with Asia-chan. Apparently she didn’t and doesn’t have any friend except for Issei ๐Ÿ˜ฆ . That’s so sad. ย The time has come when our protagonist has come to realize he is weaker than the enemy, and he is in need of power to protect his lover. Afterall I think Issei doesn’t look at Asia-chan with such perverted eyes as he uses to, and there might actually be some true love behind them >.<

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High school DxD: episode 3

I can understand your tastes, Issei. Kawai....

I can understand your tastes, Issei. She's so damn cute!

A priestess and a demon are the worst pairing ever? But that’s not entirely wrong ๐Ÿ™‚

Dammit Asia-chan is sooo cute, and by what I suspect she will be Issei’s slave soon enough. Issei cannot go to the chruch because he’s a devil, sorry Asia-chan you will be by yourself from that point on ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Continue reading

High School DxD: Episode 2

I really liked the first episode and just as I expected it gets even more interesting. The begining of the episode has some nice ecchi scenes with uncensored OPPAI! I laughed my ass off at the begining.

Oh, good morning Madam!

Oh, good morning Madam!


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