Psycho-Pass Final thoughts.


When I watched the first episode of this anime I knew it had potential to be great and quite frankly I was not disappointed. Psycho pass is an anime which takes place in the future where the law is based on a computerized government system called Sibyl. The Sibyl system is judging people’s murderous intent and expressing it as a value called “Psycho-Pass. The plot resolves around Tsunemori Akane, a new investigator at the police force.¬†This anime is superior in all the aspects: the stunning visuals, the cool¬†fight scenes, awesome plot, great music and memorable characters.


I have a weird habit of liking the antagonist more than the protagonist and Psycho-Pass is no exception. The anime’s antagonist, Shogo Makishima, was by far my favorite character in the whole anime. If it weren’t for him, this anime wouldn’t have been this good. I could definetly relate to his goal of getting rid of the Sibyl system and he was definetly entertaining whenever he would kill someone, making me laugh like a maniac due to how evil this guy can be sometimes. But then again this is just me, so it may just be the total opposite for you.


The anime’s plot is definitely one of the best things, making you question yourself whether or not you would blindly follow such a system or oppose it. The most logical thing is oppose it which is what most of the characters did, even though not all of them had the courage to do it and just kept their thoughts hidden. The ending was satisfying but a bit too predictable for my tastes.

In conclusion, I give Psyscho-Pass a score of 8.5 out of 10 and strongly recommend you to watch it if you haven’t done it yet.